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Low Back Pain

In January 2013, the Mayo Clinic reported that lower back pain is the #3 reason for people to visit their primary care doctor. Patients with lower back pain can present with pain that started that day or more commonly with pain that has developed over time. This pain comes on as the core muscles become deconditioned and other muscles must work harder to stabilize the spine, resulting in injury. Core muscles become deconditioned from daily activities that result in excessive sitting, squatting or lifting. Once these core muscles become deconditioned, muscle imbalances will result, commonly causing weakness in your glutes and tightness in your hip flexors. These muscle imbalances can cause misalignment in your lower back and hips resulting in your pain. Your chiropractor can find what joints are affected and work to correct those to help ease your pain. Stretches and exercises can also be prescribed to help prevent the problem from returning.