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Disc Herniation

Disc herniations can occur throughout the spine, but are most common in the neck or lower back.This usually occurs in the 30-50 age group. The pain can come on suddenly, with minimal provocation such as flexing forward, lifting, sneezing or coughing.The patient will usually report a sudden onset of pain that often radiates into the buttock or down the leg to the toes.The effect of the symptoms will often cause the patient to lean towards one position that helps decrease their discomfort (referred to an as antalgic position).Pain is typically worse in the morning.Sitting and flexion of the spine increase pain.Official confirmation of a disc herniation is made via MRI.Chiropractors can help ease your pain and discomfort through manipulation of the tight joints that are a result of this injury.Once more motion is returned to your joints, exercises and other pain modalities can be used to reduce the herniation.