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How does the education of a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) compare to that of a Medical Doctor (MD)?

The educational requirements for the two different degrees are more similar than different. Both require a bachelor’s degree to practice and about the same amount of total hours (DC-4,485 vs. MD-4,250) of education. The graduate school curriculum of both focus heavily on anatomy, chemistry, microbiology, pathology and physiology. Chiropractors spend more hours studying neurology (320 vs. 112), radiology (360 vs. 148), Orthopedics (210 vs. 156) and Diagnosis (630 versus 325). Medical Doctors on the other hand have more extensive training in Chemistry and Psychology. When it comes to treatment, Doctors of Chiropractic study spinal manipulation, physiotherapy and nutrition. Medical Doctors focus on pharmacology, immunology and general surgery. Both doctors do completely different jobs and should work together to provide what is best for the patient. 

Is Chiropractic Safe?

Yes. Want proof? Chiropractor’s malpractice premiums are a SMALL fraction of what Medical doctor's pay. In fact, chiropractors often pay less malpractice premiums than an optometrist or dentist. You ever want to know if something is risky (think sports car) then all you have to do is ask about insurance. 

What if I don't have insurance?

That's perfect with us. We are a cash-based office that is not tied to a network agreement. We reserve the right to treat the patient for exactly their problem, not create a treatment plan based off of what insurance will cover. Remember, insurance industries are for-profit businesses. We are in the for-patient business and don't get a better reputation by not producing results.   

Do I have to undress for the examination or treatment?

No! However, on a rare occasion, Dr. Mendiaz may ask permission before looking at redness or swelling in a particular area of your spine. If it requires looking under your clothing then there will be a chaperone (staff of same sex as patient or spouse of patient) in the room at the same time. 


How long will it take before I feel better?

Obviously this depends on your condition. Some resolve in 1-2 visits while others require a series of rehabilitative treatments.


I have heard that some chiropractors make you keep coming back forever. Is that true?

We can't speak for any other practitioner but that is definitely not how we operate in our office. Every patient has a specific treatment

plan with specific goals. Success is often measured on the doctor's desires as well as the patient's results. Compliance with recommended supportive exercises/stretches/nutritional advice to achieve maximum results is as much on the patient as it is with the doctor. Think of it like the doctor and the patient are in a canoe together; when only one person paddles then you just turn in circles. No one deserves to go in circles. Dr. Mendiaz's reputation is helping patients get well without needing treatment the rest of their lives. Once the patient's goals have been reached the patient is released from care.

I have arthritis in my neck and back. Can you help me?

Every circumstance is different but usually we can make a BIG difference in patient's that are dealing with pain due to arthritis. The earlier it is detected the better. When nerve interference is removed, by manipulation, then the tissues are able to heal properly and go on to thrive. Over 80% of the population suffer from arthritis daily. By definition it is too simple of a term. Arth = joint & itis = inflammation. The term arthritis in itself is more vague and non-specific, which is something that no Doctor should be proud to use with any frequency. Do you care to learn the source of your problems rather than a "catch all" label to your daily pains? We care to be more specific. 


I have already had back surgery. Is there anything that you can do to help?

Yes. It is unfortunate but up to half of the patients that undergo spinal surgery have a return of their original symptoms months or years later. This phenomenon is known as “Failed Back Surgery.” Our treatments aim to prevent repeated back and neck surgeries. Often times, we can help prevent them in the first place. Don't let your prior laminectomy, discectomy, etc prevent you from relief from radiating pain. 

Do you offer gentle treatments?

Yes, we pride ourselves on providing treatment that is not only effective but also comfortable. There are techniques or devices that are used in office to avoid the "popping" if it worries you. 

Do you take X-rays?

Yes. If necessary we have a high frequency X-ray unit on site. Our x-ray machine is state-of-the-art and can also be used wirelessly to take images of the hands, feet, knees, etc. 

Can I adjust myself?

This is a very common question. If you twist just right you can probably get your back or neck to “pop”. This is not a good idea because the majority of the time you will “pop” the joints that are already moving too much and not the ones that are restricted. Muscles have a set length and when the bone is restricted, or subluxated, then the muscles/tissues work hard to shorten or lengthen back to their set length. If your muscles are tight then they may very well be pulling in the opposite direction than needed. Leave this to a professional.

Can you help with pain due to pregnancy?

Yes, mom, please do not suffer any longer! As a father of two children (who used chiropractic & acupuncture on my wife before and during all stages of labor) I have been witness to the power of women during childbirth. There is nothing stronger than a woman whose natural gift kicks in and she channels her inner lioness to give those final delivery pushes. Please consider that there are non-invasive solutions that we can provide for you and baby. Help should be sought both before labor and after labor. Conditions we often have success treating: reduction of low back pain, decreasing pain when going up/down stairs (pubic symphysis), acupuncture for labor preparation, lactation, easier labor & delivery, and many more options for relief.  

Can I be adjusted without "popping" my neck or back?

Yes. We have many alternative ways of adjusting patients using instruments and drop tables that decrease the "pop". Please inform Dr. Mendiaz before treatment begins.

Do you treat children?

Yes!! Dr. Mendiaz is a father to two amazing children. We love treating children who are hours old all the way up to larger grown men with the man-flu. Ever considered that one of most-traumatic things any one experiences is the birthing process itself? When a child descends down birthing canal they are compressed and (even if it goes how nature intended and not complicated) they are also twisted much like a bullet when going down a barrel. Baby adjustments are nothing like adult ones. The pressure applied is often compared to pressing on a ripe tomato (Disclaimer: we do not adjust fruits and vegetables in office).  Babies often do not like to be touched where it hurts (same as men with man-flu) and they cry. Amazingly, there are cases of irritable babies being turned into happy babies right before the mother's eyes.


Does your toddler ever fall down? Surely not. We adjust toddlers too! When chiropractors remove the interference from the nervous system, through gentle manipulation, then the child system is able to thrive and grow into "superhumans" while they develop their functional and immune system. The growth of a child is unmatched any other time in our lives, it's the ideal time to get adjusted and make sure that development is happening properly. "Growing pains"? Are they only on one side?? Is the other side not "growing"? Your child should not have "growing pains", let us clear the interference.  

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