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What is chiropractic and what should I expect on my first visit?

First you will be greeted at the front desk and asked to fill out some paperwork explaining your condition. Next you will meet with Dr. Mendiaz to discuss your condition in detail. Once he has a thorough understanding of the history of your complaints he will perform an examination that consists of; range of motion, palpation, orthopedic testing, muscle testing, a posture screening and a neurological evaluation. If X-rays are needed then they will be taken in office. If a MRI or any other imaging is warranted we will help you make the necessary arrangements. Dr. Greg will then compile all of your findings and determine if you are a candidate for treatment. You will likely receive some sort of treatment the same day (after all you are coming in with a problem) and that will conclude your first visit. That same day Dr. Greg will further review your findings and create a care plan specifically for you. On your next visit he will tell you about the findings and explain the care plan that best fits you.  


What is a typical treatment?

If we're using "typical" in a funny sense (the body is often not typical as it does what it needs, rather than what we want sometimes) then your regular visits will include: checking in to the front desk; an assistant will take you to a therapy room and once completed you will be taken in to the Doctor's office for treatment and electronic acupuncture; then you continue on with your day and conquer the world.  

How do you know what you're doing?

Like any specialist, you get better with repetitions. By performing  hundreds of chiropractic manipulations already Dr. Greg has been working at being known as one of the best chiropractors around. He continually learns new adjustments and has a thirst for learning. Feel free to ask Dr. Greg about underestimating how much he would learn in chiropractic college. He went in with a Master's Degree and expected to fly by a doctorate. The rigorous curriculum had other ideas!  

What conditions do you treat?

While Dr. Greg knows his limitations, he is not afraid to treat problems that other practitioners would avoid. One of his favorite type of patients are the ones that other doctor's feel that they can no longer help. Many doctors are not in a hurry to treat patient's with chronic (non-stop pain for weeks) problems because their resources are limited. Dr. Greg believes in the power of the human body and has worked at learning more Eastern techniques (including acupuncture) to allow the body to repair itself better. Did you know that an upper rib sends a lot of patients to the emergency room because they think they are having a heart attack? Check the conditions page for several popular conditions treated and don't be afraid to present Dr. Greg a new challenge. 

Why am I having this pain?

Rarely is it truly only something "you woke up with"...if it is then we'll probably examine you to see if you need to go to the ER. Often times it's something simple like a sneeze that broke the camels back. But, think about it, you've been sneezing your whole life without that sudden pain. Problems are usually building and we often forget to listen to our bodies along the way. Pain is not a bad thing, it is a caution light telling you to slow down before it's too late.  Listen to your body and let's decrease the pain. But, just remember, pain is the first thing to go away with treatment BUT also first thing to come back if you haven't listened or healed properly. 

How long until I am better?

That answer is similar to knowing the correct lottery numbers; or knowing how long your phone will really hold a charge before it dies on you. Sometimes there are things you just can't control. On average, most patients experience some positive change after a few visits. If you've had the problem for 5, 10, 20 years then it's not going to change over night. Will it change after decades? You will know after finishing your first treatment plan. If it doesn't help you then Dr. Greg will find you the right specialist and cut you loose. He does not believe in making you waste your money on something that won't help you. There are plenty of other Amazon items to waste money on.


My "so & so" said chiropractic was wackery!

Yes, your whomever was correct, we quacks believe that the body has the ability to repair itself with proper support and does not always require a dependence on chemicals. Also, the history of spinal manipulation is as old as man itself. The top warriors in every ancient society (Romans, Greeks, Aztecs, Genghis Kahn, Alexander the Great, etc.) had traveling “bonesetters” and manual physicians that went with them on conquests everywhere. Current US Military Special Operations, every NFL team and several NBA & MLB Teams even have Chiropractors on staff treat them. Next time ask your “so & so” who is considered as the “Father of Medicine.” We’ll give you a hint, his name is Hippocrates and he wrote at least three books about bone manipulation (Setting Joints by Leverage was written around 500 BCE and is still read today). He regularly performed manipulations to treat disease. Way back in 460-375 BCE he is credited with saying, “look well to the spine for cause of disease.” If the name sounds familiar, he’s also the guy who wrote the oath that ALL DOCTORS must recite, and agree to, before being sworn in. Some would say that not all things Ancient are good, which is sometimes true, and the test of time seems to eliminate archaic or idiotic methods pretty easily. Case in point: OxyContin was released in 1995 (we all know how well opioids are working right now); in 1997 there were an estimate 670,000 prescriptions written, in 2002 the number went up to 6.2 million prescriptions. It took less than two years before it was the hottest thing on the streets and yet spinal manipulation has been well documented in positive regard for over 2,400 years.


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